Official First Entry, A Week Late

Some Pond at the Botanic Gardens

May 30, 2016

Ok, so during research today I decided to start this travel blog thing. I’ve been in Singapore for over a week now, and I’ll update the first week later. This is the first post in the travel journal that’ll actually be on the day that I wrote it.

Research was kinda boring today- I connected an Arduino to the LidarLite sensor thing (I’ll insert pics later) and got it to work (like finally bebe). Watched another enthralling (not really) episode of the Stanford lecturer, ate lunch (char siew and roast pork with rice and veggies, and hot soya milk to wash it down).

After research, I walked to the Dover station from CAPT (which was so hot and far omg and I got lost walking through some uni behind NUS). Went to the Botanical Gardens MRT stop on the Circle Line (which isn’t actually a circle, because it’s not completed at the bottom).

I thought the Serene Center, which is located right next to the Botanical Gardens MRT stop was a mall….IT WAS NOT (sobs). So basically my chance of eating hawker centre food was shot gg. Instead, I ate the red chicken burger thing at McDonald’s, which was a very interesting concept….

Super red burger!

Botanical gardens were pretty, but hella hot and sweaty. I only had time to see the Evolution Garden (which looked just like Jurassic Park) and then left because it was getting dark. I was sweating through my clothes (it was a bad idea to wear jeans today).

It felt like Jurassic Park here- complete with max humidity

Ended up getting off at the Buona Vista MRT and got boba from Koi Cafe, which is AMAZING because they put so much boba and not that much sugar yay!

tl;dr: it was hot af today


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