Karaoke Fun

June 2, 2016

Happy June! Dang only 4 days into this blog, and I’ve already skipped a day of updates…oops sorry!

I actually do have a valid excuse for not posting yesterday though, since I got back to my room around midnight. Last night, about 24ish of us in this research program went to karaoke at Manekineko in Boon Lay. It was my first time going to a karaoke bar with a group of friends, and it was actually a lot of fun!

Such a happy place

We were there for three hours (8-11pm), and spent the entire time singing our lungs out. Honestly though, my voice was pretty much gone after all that singing. Some of the songs we sang included Hotling Bling (oh the memories from last semester’s chem project), Firework, Careless Whisper, and Billie Jean.

I didn’t really want to sing at first, because I know for sure that my singing voice is awful (even though I still like to sing while driving), but everyone else seemed to be having fun making fools of themselves, so I went for it!

Amy and me feat. really cool Singapore Snapchat filter

Manekineko provided free snacks and drinks, so I took advantage of that (and consequently peed a total of three times while I was there). The Milo (chocolate milk drink popular in Asia) was delicious, and the snacks were tasty (though MSG-y).

Goodbye Manekineko!

Today in lab, however, I worked so hard trying to edit my code so that the sensor will stop when someone walks in front of it. It worked eventually, but it wasn’t very accurate so I still have to work on it a bit more tomorrow.

After lab, I ended up taking Bus 196 to Clementi Mall from the bus stop right outside of CAPT. It was a double-decker bus, and it was super mega guay. I’ve only been on double-decker buses as a tour bus thing in Europe, and not as a city bus so this was really cool! At Clementi, I got notebooks and a “Can Lah” pouch from Typo, a cute Australian accessory/stationary company. I also tried Hokkein Mee from the hawker centre outside of the mall and got a boba for the bus ride back.

Tomorrow’s Friday, so I’ve got to plan what I’m going to do after lab. Hopefully I’ll go to Tiong Bahru! Maggie (my neighbor in my suite in CAPT) told me it was a cool hipster place with nice bookstores and cafés yayayayay!


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