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Not-So Lazy Sunday

Aw today’s Sunday, which means that another week has passed. I’m on my fourth week of being in Singapore- halfway through the SERIUS program!

Anyways, this morning I had a mini-solo adventure in Chinatown, then met up with a friend at Orchard and went to at least 5 different malls.


First stop- Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre! YEAH CHINESE FOOD.

When I arrived, I saw a hella long line at one of the stalls. According to what I found out when I googled the stall, Chang Ji Gourmet is a breakfast stall that has 3 dishes on the menu: fish and peanut porridge, bee hoon, and fried mee. Each dish is $1 SGD (~$0.70 USD). I ordered the porridge and the bee hoon.

Super long line!
Porridge and bee hoon (with not-so-spicy sauce)

The food was pretty good for being so cheap! However, it was all carbs, and my mom told me to get some protein. So I went to another stall, intent on getting iced coffee and pork floss toast, but the stall was out of pork floss toast (darn those early risers). However, I did get my coffee. And then I went to another stall and got some pork soup!

After my food adventure (3 dishes + 1 drink = ~$4.22 USD), I walked out of the Chinatown Complex and BAM there was my next destination. Like actually, I was getting out a map to look for the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, but then I looked up and there it was!

I really couldn’t miss it- it was RIGHT THERE

Outside the temple, there was free incense, so I lit one up and prayed to Buddha (Ama and Mom, if you’re reading this, thanks for teaching me about how to pray at temples). Afterwards, I went inside and looked for the Buddha Tooth. Because duh, that’s what I came for! I can’t go to this temple and NOT see the Buddha Tooth. Nope, nothing on the first floor at least.


This was pretty cool though
Protector of people born in the year of the rat (aka meeeee)

Nothing on the second floor. Or third. There were pretty cool Buddha statues and info walls explaining the story of Buddha and Buddhism in Asia. It was really interesting to read about the details of Buddha’s life- I only know the basic stuff that my mom told me.

I went up to the fourth floor and FINALLY saw the Buddha Tooth! But it was a no-photo zone, so I don’t have any pictures of it. I can say however, that the Buddha Tooth didn’t really look like a tooth to me. It looked like a lump of white rock with ragged edges. Or maybe that’s just me.

After the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, I walked about a block to see the Sri Mariaman Temple, which is a Hindu temple in the middle of Chinatown. The outside of the temple was very impressive. I went inside to see more, but there wasn’t really much to do inside. I couldn’t even take pictures unless I paid $3, so I quickly walked around and left.

Exterior of temple ft. random tourists

Orchard Road

I hopped back on the MRT and went about 3 stops to Orchard. Before coming to Singapore, one of my friends (who lived in Singapore when she was younger) told me that if I went shopping in one place in Singapore, it should be at Orchard Road. This 2.2 km street has not five, not ten, but a whopping TWENTY-THREE different malls. Of these malls, ION Orchard is one of the most famous, because the Orchard MRT stop is in its basement and it contains the observation deck ION Sky as well as 335 food and retail outlets.

I was supposed to meet Amy at the Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City Mall, but I was sidetracked by the kikki.K store I found in ION Orchard. I first heard of kikki.K through Buzzfeed, when I took one of their stupid quizzes to see which stationary company fits my style the most. I ended up getting kikki.K as the company that most fits my style. Since there are no kikki.K stores in the US, I quickly forgot about the store. Until today.

I couldn’t resist going in the store, and ended up spending over $50 SGD there. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT.


After kikki.K (which I totally plan on going back to before I leave Singapore), I walked half a block down Orchard Street to Ngee Ann City.

Really cool statues outside of ION Orchard ft. random dad + child

Amy and I wandered around Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City, then went to a mall across the street (Paragon I think?) to eat lunch at a Catonese restaurant. The food at the restaurant was really good, as is pretty much all the food in Singapore. We then visited a total of five different malls before heading back to NUS on one of the public buses.

Now I’ve got to prepare for another week of lab! Hopefully this week will be more productive than last week, because I was having trouble understanding the source code for the app I’m working on as well as the Arduino code for the sensor.



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