Chilling at the Chinese Gardens

I know I just posted a really long entry about food and friends (but mostly food), but I thought the Chinese Gardens deserved its own post.

Yesterday (June 15), I went here with Hailey after I finished lab, and right before we went to Jurong East for dinner. The Chinese Gardens (as well as the Japanese Gardens) are located at the MRT stop right after Jurong East on the East-West MRT line. The gardens are basically little islands surrounded by a huge pond-lake thing. The only way to get across by foot (no cars allowed in the gardens, of course) is by crossing one of the many bridges.

View of the pagoda and a little bit of the bridge

While this wasn’t a very touristy place, Hailey and I thought it was a very peaceful and relaxing garden to walk around in. Most of the people there seemed like locals who lived around the garden, and there were a lot of cool Chinese buildings and statues to look at.


There was a seven-story pagoda when we crossed the bridge, so Hailey and I climbed that. I thought it was cool that we could see the same view (but from a different height) every time we went up a floor, so that as we went up we were able to tell the difference in the scenery.

View from the top
The sunset was pretty!

After the pagoda, we walked around and saw there was a turtle museum! Unfortunately, it was closed by the time we got there. We did see some turtles in the pond outside the museum though. There was also another pond with so many koi fish!


All that fish though

Overall, I thought the visit to the garden was worthwhile, and it was a good change of pace from the usual touristy spots in Singapore.

Creek in the gardens



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