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Labrador Park to Sentosa to Chinatown

Daaang today has been super eventful! Like my other solo/all-day adventure posts in the past, I will break up my day into stops.

Stop 1: Labrador Park

My ultimate goal for the morning was to meet Hailey at the Harbourfront MRT around 10:30 am. I had gotten up earlier this morning, so I decided to take a quick walk through Labrador Park, whose MRT station is before Harbourfront.

I hadn’t heard much about Labrador Park before, but I kept following the signs until I reached it. It seemed like a typical seaside park, with many fishermen standing around and typical residents exercising.

There was a really cool dragon’s head rock there

Right after the park, there was a boardwalk going over a mangrove back to the MRT. This was more exciting than Labrador Park in my opinion.

Stop 2: Sentosa Merlion

Who did it best?

After I met up with Hailey at VivoCity and took the Sentosa Express, I got a picture with my 4th Merlion! I have one official Merlion left to go, and 2 unofficial ones left.

Stop 3: The Luge

After stopping for a picture with the king of Merlions, we headed up to Skyline Luge Sentosa. This attraction utilizes these kart-looking things (luges) without motors. We would pull up the handles to stop the kart, and release to allow the karts to move downhill.

Hailey and I each purchased three luge rides and three skyrides back up. I don’t have any pictures of us on the luges, since that would have been totally unsafe, but I do have pictures of us on the skyrides!


At the Singapore Luge, there were two tracks- Dragon Trail and Jungle Trail. We tried both of those trails before choosing Dragon Tail to be the one we rode twice. I liked Dragon Trail because it was more winding and bumpy, allowing me to speed around like in Mario Kart (hehe).

Afterwards, we walked along Siloso Beach (which was right next to the bottom of the Luge tracks). The beach was small, but it was clean and family friendly!

Stop 4: S.E.A. Aquarium

This aquarium has been described to me as “the best aquarium in the world” by someone who works in my lab, so Hailey and I visited this after we briefly visited Siloso Beach on Sentosa. I got discounted Singaporean resident tickets because I had my Student’s Pass with me!

At the beginning, there was an exhibit about trading cities that Singapore traded with way back a long time ago. It was interesting to learn about how people back then traded spices and goods and what kind of boats they used.

Throughout the actual fish stuff of the aquarium, Hailey and I completed a children’s scratch-off card with questions about the different animals. We got a free coloring book in the end for our (minimal) efforts.

Lobster aka looks like dinner
Be the Dory in an ocean full of Nemos
Everyone seemed to be taking pictures here, so I did too
Heheh I thought this picture looked pretty funny

Towards the end of the aquarium, we got a picture in the viewing tunnel, which seemed very very similar to the Georgia Aquarium tunnel. We also got pictures taken at a photo-booth type thing while holding up signs about conservation. The nice official photographer took our pictures for free!

Stop 5: Chinatown

We stopped by Chinatown for dinner, lion dance, and dessert. Our first stop was the hawker centre in Chinatown Complex, where we enjoyed cheap (and delicious!) chicken rice and rice cakes. I waited in line for the chicken rice for twenty minutes, and it was definitely worth the wait!

Delicious chicken rice!

At around 6:55pm every Saturday, there is a lion dance performance on Pagoda Street. Last week, I was actually in Chinatown at the time, but I had missed the performance because I did not know that it was going on. But I was there this week!

I do lion dance (futsan style) at my school, so I was interested in watching this performance. This style of lion dance was hoksan, which is the other style- I explained this in an earlier post. The lion dancers did one stack (where the person in the head jumps on the thighs of the person in the tail), and they did some cool hoksan moves. It was a short, but entertaining performance.


Afterwards, Hailey and I visited Mei Heong Yuen Dessert, which was located at the next street over. Hailey found this dessert place on a Korean travel website, which recommended that we try the mango and the choco banana snow ice. We ordered one of each and shared them. I loved them both! We don’t have any snow ice places in Baltimore, but we do have one in Elicott City (though it’s hard to get there since I don’t have a car).

Choco banana



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