Safari Zone

So yesterday (Friday June 17), I left lab early- around 3pm. It was the earliest I’ve ever left lab, but it was for two good reasons.

The reasons why? River and Night Safari.

The River Safari is a river-themed (duh) extension of the Singapore Zoo. I’ve been to many zoos before, so I decided to skip the Singapore Zoo in favor of going to the River Safari. From NUS, it took me an hour and a half to get to the wildlife reserves, since they’re in a remote area far from any MRT station.

Each area of the River Safari is based on a different major river around the world. I thought the park was laid out in a very easy to navigate manner, and best of all, the walkways were covered. It was raining, and without the covered walkways I wouldn’t have had as much fun.

There were so many turtles!
Hehe another turtle picture

Included with the ticket to the River Safari, there was a River Safari Cruise, in which guests can hop on a boat and ride around the wetlands. We could see giraffes, some kind of water bird, and rhinos.

View from the boat

While I was waiting in line for the boat, I met another solo female traveler named Yifei. She was a master’s student from China studying business in Sydney, Australia. We ended up walking through the rest of River Safari together and then next through Night Safari. I learned a lot about Australia from her, and she was so nice!

I was a little surprised that there were giant pandas in the River Safari, but no complaints from me. Pandas are the cutest. When I first saw this particular panda, he was eating bamboo. Next time I looked at him, he was on his stomach and appeared to be taking a nap.

Awww so sleepy

There were also cute manatees in the River Safari! One was even sleeping in the corner on a bench-like thing. Yifei and I took tons of pictures of the manatees.

Here’s one of the pictures!

After going through River Safari, Yifei and I went through Night Safari together. The Night Safari opens only at night (duh) from 7:15pm until midnight. It was a completely different experience from going to a normal zoo, because the animals in the Night Safari are mostly nocturnal. However, it was a little hard to see some of the animals because it was so dark.

We decided to first go through the walking trails in the Night Safari, then catch the tram on the non-walkable parts afterwards. My favorite part on the walking trail was the fruit bat walk-through. We were able to get super close to fruit bats- as in, I could reach out and touch them if I wanted to! I didn’t though- that would be unsanitary and possibly harmful to the bats.

Hello bat friend!

We also saw many kinds of monkeys. The Night Safari workers made sure to keep food in the exhibit at night so that guests are able to view the monkeys.

Hello mysterious kind of monkey!

There was even an Australian section! As I said before, Yifei is currently studying in Australia, so she got excited about seeing these animals

I think these were dingos?

We entered the Night Safari around 7:30pm and left around 10:30pm. Since the Wildlife Reserves are in such a remote area of Singapore, I actually ended up back in my room around midnight (after taking one taxi, two trains, and a bus)!


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