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Happy Father’s Day in the USA! Shoutout to my awesome dad (who’s probably working right now)!

Anyways, today was Hailey’s last day in Singapore (sobs), but we spent most of the day together. As usual, I will break up my day into stops.

Stop 1: Botanical Gardens (Round Two)

If you remember my first post on this blog, I talked about going to the Botanic Gardens after lab one day. I didn’t get to see the National Orchid Garden, so I decided to visit it before going to Clarke Quay and eat with Hailey.

Me and some orchids

The garden was beautiful, and best of all, I got to go in for free with my Student’s Pass! Thank you Singapore ICA for letting me get this pass, because it enables me to get discounts on museum/exhibit tickets.

Cool-looking orchids
Some of the prettiest orchids I have ever seen
This path lead to more orchids (what a surprise)
The orchid pic I posted on Instagram

I didn’t know that there were so many kinds of orchids! The funniest part of the garden was that the garden people named their new orchid breeds after whichever famous person visited the garden.

Stop 2: Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay (pronounced key, not kway) is, according to its Wikipedia, “a historical riverside quay in Singapore, located within the Singapore River Planning Area.” Yes, Clarke Quay is historical, but it’s an exciting area in Singapore. At night, the many nightclubs and bars open up and the colors and lights are absolutely beautiful. I’ve never been to Clarke Quay at night in person, but Shar showed me some pictures of it when she was there.

As we walked to Clarke Quay, we saw the MICA building, which is now a government office. It used to be a fire station (or was it a police station?) but the window shutters are beautiful and colorful.

MICA Building

Hailey and I went to Jumbo Seafood at Clarke Quay to try its famous chili crab. Chili crab is on my list of Singaporean foods to try for good reason- and Jumbo Seafood supposedly has the best one in Singapore.

Get turnt for chili crab

The sauce that came with the chili crab was spicy, savory, and egg-y. It was honestly the best part of the chili crab! We ordered fried rice to eat along with the crab, and left Jumbo Seafood feeling very full.

Afterwards, we took a river cruise down the Singapore River. It was really nice to see the different quays in the river and to see Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion from a different angle.

Me and Clarke Quay (hey, that rhymes!)

Stop 3: ArtScience Museum

Finally got to see the ArtScience Museum! My favorite exhibitions were the Future World and Big Bang Data exhibits, located in the basement of the lotus flower-shaped building. The Art and Science of Gems was interesting, but I wasn’t that interested in it.

None of the three pictures below are paintings- they’re all projected onto the screen! Future World really brings together art and science, since the waves moved like actual water in the ocean, and the water fell down the waterfall the same way water would fall.

After Future World, I visited the Big Bang Data exhibit. As you can guess, the exhibit was about data and how it is transmitted around the world. It was interesting to learn about the history of data collection and how sending and receiving data works. But it was also a little weird to see a flash drives and CDs in a museum…I’m not THAT old yet!

I forgot what this was, but it had something to do with data of course
Photos of us = a kind of data

The last exhibit I visited in the ArtScience Museum was the Art and Science of Gems. The information along the walls explained the different properties of gems and how gems are formed. It was cool for a bit, but I got a little bored of seeing so many gems. I’m not too interested in this, so I looked at whatever caught my eye and didn’t really read much of the information.

I forgot what kind of gem this was hmmmm…..
Some jewelry worn by royals

Yup, those were the big three places I visited today! Hailey and I ate a lot of good food along the way, so check out my food page to see them.


I’m so glad Hailey came to Singapore- we had lots of fun and really got to explore the city-state. The food I had was great and so was the company. Next time I see her, we’ll both be in Baltimore, so stay tuned for more food-adventures with Hailey in the future!


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