And Then There Was One

After lab today, I went to Ang Mo Kio, a residential area of Singapore. It’s a neighborhood of apartments, a really nice park with a river, a small mall, a bus interchange….and two Merlion statues.

The Merlions!

These Merlions are unofficial ones of course, and they’re the two that get the least number of tourists. Built in 1998 for $30,000, these Merlions were almost taken down by the Singapore Tourism Board, which owns the copyright for the Merlion. But fear not, these statues are still there today.

Gotta get my selfie with these Merlions

I took bus 262 from the Ang Mo Kio bus interchange to get here, and it was a short walk across the street from the bus stop to the Blk 216-222 carpark where the Merlions are. I felt awkward whipping out a selfie stick to take pictures of these Merlions in a residential area, but I needed a picture with these Merlions for my bucket list, so I did it anyways.

Selfie from the other siiiiiide

After I took my quick pictures, I walked across the street to the Ang Mo Kio and Bishan Park. The park was really nice and peaceful, with lots of people jogging and children playing in the playground. There was even a really cool lion statue in the middle of the park!

Wowza that’s a nice lion

Ang Mo Kio seemed to have everything for a family- it’s safe, has really good public transportation, and from what I saw, a lot of tutoring centers (because standardized tests). It’s a nice residential area, and if I live in Singapore in the future, I think I would want to live here.

With these Merlions done, I have just ONE MERLION (!!!) left on my list of Merlions. The last Merlion is located at the Singapore Tourism Board HQ at Tourism Court. This will be a challenge to get, because the Tourism Board HQ is only open during weekday office hours…exactly when I’m in lab. One of these days, I get my picture with it!



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