Just Keep Swimming

Dear Pixar,

Thank you. Thank you for this fantastic movie, which turned a theater full of people over the age of 18 into a sobbing mess. You managed to capture our hearts even thirteen years after releasing Finding Nemo.

From your first film Toy Story to your most recent one, I have seen every movie you have created. Each one tells a compelling story, with unforgettable characters that stay with me even after the credits roll. The VHS and DVD and Blu-ray copies of your movies line the TV cabinets in my home as their place of honor.

Today I took a friend to see your latest movie Finding Dory. On the bus ride to the theater, she admitted to me that she had never seen Finding Nemo before. I was shocked. Finding Nemo was one of my favorite childhood movies. My dad loves it, so he always plays it when it comes on TV. At least once a month or two, I would watch bits of Finding Nemo, and at this point I can recite the movie word for word.

She went into the movie blind, without knowing much about the characters or even the plot. But you did a great job of converting her. From the short Piper right before the movie, to the end scene with the Tank Gang, my friend was entralled. She furiously urged Dory to hurry at the suspenseful parts, aww’d at the reunions, and laughed at Becky’s antics. Your newest creation brought the entire theater to its knees- even the Pixar neophytes.

You have a way of leading viewers into your world, allowing them to root for toys to survive their adventures and for dinosaurs to make it back home. Even inanimate objects are not immune to your magic. You manage to allow people to feel  as your characters feel, to cry with your characters cry, to laugh when your characters laugh. You perfectly capture the human emotion and transfer them onto animals and cars and bugs. And for that, I thank you. Thank you for creating these works of art and sharing them with the world.

After the movie, my friend wanted a picture with the huge Finding Dory movie promo. I think you have a new fan.

Of course, I took a picture too

Thank you, Pixar, for being here after all these years. This short note can only convey part of the joy I feel as I watch your movies. Keep making more films, and you’ll have a world of fans.




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