I think that sending postcards is one of the best thing to do while you’re abroad. They’re cheap and easy to send- just stick a stamp on and drop it off. They’re also the perfect souvenir, because where else can you get a Merlion postcard but in Singapore?

When you send postcards to yourself, you’ll open your mailbox and see a piece of your travels there. It’s a funny feeling, because that printed cardstock has traveled miles and miles from you to your future self. It’s a great way to send yourself a message and to remember where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

In addition to sending postcards to myself and to my family, I also send postcards to my friends. If you’re on my postcard mailing list (you know if you are, because I’ve sent you postcards in the past or I’ve asked you for your address back in April), I’m sending out postcards tomorrow. Some of these postcards are from Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, River Safari, and National Gallery. These are the postcards I’ve picked up along the way during my solo adventures. I’ve personalized every one for you guys, and I hope you enjoy them. If you’re lucky, your postcard will have a super cool limited edition stamp on it- I got 10 of these from the Philatelic Museum!

A few of the postcards that I’m sending out

Not only do I love sending out postcards, I also love receiving them. This past year, I’ve received postcards from my friends who’ve traveled to places like Germany and Texas. When I open my mailbox at Hopkins and see a postcard there, I’m overjoyed. I know when my friends are visiting these places, because we keep in touch through Facebook and messages- but nothing beats the feeling of seeing a postcard from them. It shows that they thought about you on their trip, and they took the time to write you a short note and send it to you.

Postcards are literal pieces of every adventure, and I hope to collect one from every country I visit in my lifetime.


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