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Here Comes the Steamboat!

Today after lab, a few people and I went to The House of Steamboat in Bugis. In Singapore, “steamboat” is the term used for hot pot. If you’ve checked out my Food in Singapore page, you’ll know that getting steamboat was one of the things I wanted to eat. Since someone in my program was arranging for our group to get steamboat tonight, I went!

The House of Steamboat is a free flow steamboat place- we paid about $17.90 each for unlimited steamboat. Judging by the amount we ate, I think it was well worth the price.

We ordered pork slices, mutton slices, beef slices, cuttlefish, pork liver, cockles, fish head (woo!), and sliced fish. Twice. Yup, we finished that up and ordered more of the exact same thing!

Waiting for the soup to boil

Not to mention, this restaurant had vegetables, fish balls, dumplings, shrimp balls eggs, noodles, and so much more at a counter nearby. We could also get as much of that as we wanted, since that was set up buffet-style. There were unlimited drinks also, so I got iced lemon tea.

For dessert, there was chocolate soft serve, which was also unlimited (do you see a pattern here?). The chocolate soft serve was very tasty, and it tasted like Milo (a brand of chocolate drink) to me.

Yummy Milo soft serve

We ended up staying for over 3.5 hours eating steamboat. Looking back, I would rate this place an 8 out of 10. The service was a bit slow and the restaurant wasn’t super clean, but you got what you pay for. It was definitely worth the cost!

Finished eating!

On the way back, Shirley let me borrow her fishbowl filter thing, and we had fun taking a lot of we-fies!



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