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The Art of Shopping

Today was a great day!

In the morning, I woke up a little earlier to get frog porridge for breakfast at Tiong Shian Porridge Centre. As you can guess from the name, this place sells so many different kinds of porridge, like fish, pork, pork insides, century egg, fish head, chicken, and of course, frog. In Chinese cuisine, porridge is a common breakfast food and comfort food. This place is very popular, with its perfect Chinatown location and low prices.

Deliciousness in a clay pot
Afterwards, I visited the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). This museum’s current special exhibition is titled “Odyssey: Navigating the Nameless Seas.” There were a lot of really cool works of art. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m not the best at judging art, but this was really cool!

SAM I am

My favorite works here were the mechanized fish and the flowers that opened and closed when there is movement around it. I especially enjoyed these because I could see how they worked by going to them close up.

The flowers each had a printed circuit board connected to a sensor, which sensed movement around it. When there was movement, the flowers would open, then close after a few seconds. The flowers lit up because of the LEDs on the circuit board.

Actually spent over 20 minutes watching these
The mechanized fish was modeled after a dolphin. Its fins were connected on a wire, which undulated and gave the impression that the fish was swimming.


After I finished at the SAM, I walked across the street to visit SAM at 8Q. This museum is an extension of SAM, and its current special exhibition is called “Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea.” Though this exhibition was aimed towards children, it was still fun to look at.

The SAM and SAM at 8Q are both in the city center of Singapore, so I popped by the Raffles Hotel for a quick look around.


There’s so many malls in Singapore, so I went mall-hopping when I realized that I was hungry. All of the following malls are fairly close to each other, and I just walked from mall to mall. The first mall I visited was Raffles City, where I got some baked goods from BreadTalk for a snack.

Then I walked around Bugis Cube, a boutique shopping mall, for a bit. Didn’t buy anything though.

Next mall: Bugis Junction! I ate lunch at a Japanese ramen place and shopped at Helen there for more hair clips. At a different store, I bought a fishbowl lens and a wide lens for my phone camera.

After Bugis Junction, I walked through the air-conditioned overpass to Bugis+, another shopping mall. There I ate some ice cream mochi, looked at some cute phone cases, and walked around Uniqlo.

If I didn’t take a picture of cute/cool food, did I really eat it?
The final mall I went to was ION Orchard. Yup, the one on Orchard Road. I met up with Amy and we visited ION Sky, which is an observatory on the 55th and 56th floors of the mall. Entrance was free!

View from the top feat. MBS
We took a lot of selfies using my new fishbowl lens hehe.

The observatory closed at 6pm, we went back downstairs and shopped around for a few hours. We both bought bags at Charles and Keith, a Singaporean shoe/bag/accessory brand and ate dinner at Nara (a Thai restaurant).

Delicious dinner
Total number of malls: 5. That’s a record for me! Going to different malls was fun- good air conditioning (obviously the most important part) and so many things to see.



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