Jurong Bird Park

To all my Muslim friends, happy Eid! Or as they call the holiday in Singapore, Hari Raya Pusa.

Because of Hari Raya Pusa, today was a public holiday so I didn’t go to lab. I woke up around my usual time (7:30am) and decided to visit the Jurong Bird Park, since someone in my lab suggested that I visit before I leave. I’ve never been to a bird park before, so why not go?

I got on the MRT at Buona Vista and went on the East-West line to Boon Lay, where I took a bus to the bird park. I had hoped to spend maybe 3-4 hours there, so I could do more things in the afternoon.

The first exhibit I visited were the pengiuns. At this bird park, there were African and king pengiuns. The king penguins were pretty cool, but I liked the African penguins more because I thought they looked cuter.

They think I have food but I don’t sorry!

There was a live bird show in the theater towards the entrance, so I went to watch that. Afterwards, I walked around a bit more and made it to the Lory Loft. There were many kinds of lories there, and I got to feed them! I think I spent a good hour walking around and feeding various lories. The birds were gentle, and they even climbed onto my hand to eat the food.

Omg this was so cool
My attempt at a selfie with a lory

Other exhibits after the Lory Loft were pretty cool too! I saw many kinds of parrots, scarlet ibis, roseate spoonbill, and more I don’t remember the name of (sorry!).

Roseate spoonbill- one of the largest wading birds
Some kind of parrot? I don’t remember its name!


The Waterfall Aviary was my favorite part of the Jurong Bird Park. There was a huge 100-foot man made waterfall. I walked around the waterfall and up to a few vantage points, with birds flying all around me in the trees. There are over 60 species of bird in that exhibit, and the variety was reall cool to see.

Huuuuge waterfall

I even got to feed some mealworms to the birds! I found that the starlings are the most receptive to people and readily jumped onto my hand to eat from the mealworm cup. There was also another type of bird that enjoyed the mealworms. It was a black bird, but I forgot what kind it was.

Hello there
Three birds = I am the bird master

At the end, I happened to walk past a different theater than the one I went to at the beginning, and this theater was having a live show about birds of prey. Watching that was a good end to my visit. I’m glad I got to visit this bird park before I leave Singapore!




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