The Last Merlion

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that something on my Singapore Bucket List is to get a picture with every “official” Merlion. By “official,” I mean the ones that are recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board, since they are the ones that own the trademark of the Merlion.

So I guess it’s fitting that the last Merlion I took a picture with ended up being the Merlion at the headquarters of the Singapore Tourism Board.

The last Merlion, in all its glory

Of course, I had to take my obligatory Merlion selfie.


After my selfies, I walked towards Orchard Road for some shopping. It’s about a 16 minute walk from the Tourism Board to ION Orchard. On my way there, I passed another entrance to the Tourism Board and saw….another Merlion statue! Of course I had to take a picture with it.

My face when I saw another Merlion

According to a sign nearby, this Merlion was created for the Tourism 50 float in the Chingay Parade in 2014.

Inside this area, there was an actual exhibit for tourism in Singapore, which was really interesting to look at. There was, of course, a Merlion section! It was complete with a mini Merlion that was used as a model by the original Merlion sculptor Lim Nang Seng.

Baby Merlion

I can’t believe I’ve already finished visiting all the offical Merlions in Singapore. It’s been a great adventure. If this was a video game, I wonder how many experience points I would have received for completing this quest…




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