Seeing Stars (and the Moon and Planets)

Short post tonight!

After lab today, I went to Jurong East with Amy and ate at Hong Kong Cafe. The food was ah-mazing, and we spent about an hour and a half there just eating and talking.

Afterwards, we visited the Singapore Science Centre for some ~stargazing~. Every Friday evening, the Singapore Science Centre hosts a free event at which visitors can come and look at the stars with their telescopes. It was really cool, since I used my Sky Guide app to see which stars/planets/things in the sky are at what point

We saw the Jewel Box, a very small cluster of stars super far away. We also saw Saturn, Mars, and the Moon up close.

Me looking at Saturn

My favorite one was the moon up close, since we could actually see the craters. Tonight was a waxing crescent moon, and we were able to take pictures of it.

Looks like something out of a sci-fi movie

I thought this event was definitely worth checking out! All of the volunteers were knowledgable and we learned a lot about the night sky.

Hard to see the stars, but they’re there

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