A Friend Comes to Visit (Part 2)

Hello everyone! So in my last post, I talked about what I did with my friend Vineet, who visited Singapore from India. We’ve been friends since middle school, and it was great to see him again this weekend. Last time I saw him was during spring break for our universities.

For this post, I’m going to continue with the same format as the other post. Vineet was only in Singapore for 36 hours, so I’ll write this in an hour-by-hour format.

Day 2: Sunday

Hour 25- 8 am, College of Alice and Peter Tan

Wake up! We woke up a little after 8am actually, since we were both hella tired from yesterday’s adventures.

Hour 27- 10 am, Clementi Food Centre

I took Vineet to visit one of my favorite (and the closest) hawker centre for breakfast. I thought that he should at least visit this one to try a hawker breakfast. He got prata and fried bee hoon, while I got duck porridge. We washed down our breakfasts with some refreshing kopi peng (iced coffee).


Hour 28- 12 noon, Singapore Flyer

Since I’ve wanted to visit the Singapore Flyer in the day time (as stated on my bucket list), and this is a pretty sweet tourist attraction, I thought Vineet would enjoy seeing Singapore from this Ferris wheel.

He’s still unhappy about the selfie

The views from above were really nice, and much better than the view at night, since we can actually see things now.

Singapore landmarks as seen from a Singapore landmark
Can’t forget Gardens by the Bay!

Hour 30- 2 pm, Gardens by the Bay

No visit to Singapore is complete without visiting Gardens by the Bay. I know we saw the Supertree show last night, but I brought Vineet back to see the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. My favorite dome (as you can tell in a past post, in which I talked about Gardens by the Bay) is the Flower Dome.

It was interesting to see that the Flower Dome changed in the month since I last visited. Last time, there were a lot of lilies, so I made the joke that the Flower Dome should have been renamed to the Mostly Lilies Dome. This time, the lilies looked like they were dying, but there were some new flowers replacing them (not lilies unfortunately).

The Cloud Dome was the same as last time, except I could actually see things this time because we didn’t visit at night. I saw so many more plants than I saw last time, and it was easy to imagine being in an actual cloud forest. The mountain inside was green with plants.

Didn’t see this last time because it was too dark
YAY I can see things in Cloud Forest!

Hour 33- 4 pm, Orchard Road

We went to ION Orchard, where I took Vineet to see kikki.K, a super cute stationary store I mentioned before in a past post. Vineet ended up not liking kikki.K (sobs), but he did like Muji, a really nice Japanese store that sells homegoods and clothing (and stationary!).

We walked a little bit to Takishimaya, a neighboring mall, for a bottle fo Michael Kors perfume for his aunt.

Hour 36- 7 pm, Changi Airport

His flight to Kuching was at 8 pm, so we arrive at the Changi Airport around 6:30-7ish. Bye Vineet! See you in our hometown in a month!


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