A Jaunt in the Japanese Gardens

Singapore is nicknamed the “Garden City” for a reason. There’s flowers and trees and other plants everywhere, and it’s easy to tell that the government spends a lot of money keeping everything looking pretty. I appreciate all of this, because in Atlanta and Baltimore there aren’t as many good places to walk around and see so many plants and animals.

Today after lab I went down two stops on the MRT to Chinese Gardens. I’ve visited the Chinese Gardens before, but this time I visited the Japanese Gardens, which is connected to the Chinese Gardens. Like the Chinese Gardens, the Japanese Gardens are filled with beautiful flowers, striking bridges, and many animals. So Insta-worthy.

Here’s some pictures from my walk around the Japanese Gardens:

This is the bridge from the Chinese Gardens to the Japanese Gardens. Each garden is on its own island, so I had to cross a bridge from the MRT to the Chinese Gardens, and then from the Chinese to the Japanese Gardens.

View from the Chinese Gardens

I’ve seen this flower before in Thailand, but this is the first time I’ve seen this in Singapore. I don’t know what the name of this flower is, but it’s actually one of the most perfect flowers I’ve ever seen in my life.

Actual perfection though

The Rest House in the gardens was built in the Japanese style, and it had a vibrant bridge over a small pond next to it. I saw someone reading a book by the pond and thought that was a good idea. If I lived around this area, I would do the same.

Straight outta Japan

I saw a turtle in a pond! Actually I saw multiple turtles sitting on top of rocks, but most of the jumped into the water when they saw me coming. This one didn’t though.

You are my new favorite turtle

By the ponds, there’s three  bridges crossing them. This is one of those bridges, and there was a big bird nearby. I think it’s a crane, but I’m not really sure. It doesn’t seem like a crane, so maybe some kind of pelican?

Insta-worthy? I think yes

There were so many lotus flowers in the water, it was like Buddha walked all over it.

One of many lotus flowers

On my way out, I saw some more pretty flowers!

Definitely can’t see these in America

After I walked around the Japanese Gardens, I went back to the Clementi area to get dinner at Prata Planet. I thought that the name of the restaurant was pretty funny, since it seems like an Indian spin on Pizza Planet from Pixar movies.


2 thoughts on “A Jaunt in the Japanese Gardens

  1. Those are frangipani trees. The flowers also come in pink and more rarely, red. They are abundant in SG and the government usually plants them in neighborhood gardens and park connectors because they’re short and fragile and don’t hold up well enough to the wind and storms to be used alongside our roads. In Chinese folklore, we also call these ‘dead man’s trees’ because the blooms are sickly sweet smelling especially in the night. There are some superstitions about ghosts and spirits surrounding these trees.


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