A Walk Around the Bay

Singaporean landmarks are so close to each other that I can fit eight (!!!) landmarks into one picture. Okay, it’s a panorama so it’s longer than a normal picture, but still.

From left to right: Singapore Flyer, Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Musuem, Central Business District, Merlion Park (really small!), Esplanade, Float

After lab yesterday (7/11/16), I took the MRT to Bayfront and started my walk from there. Bayfront is at the Shoppes at Marina Bay, which is right in front of the beautiful building Marina Bay Sands. I had actually stayed in this hotel before, when I visited with my family last time I was in Singapore. It’s absolutely gorgeous and hands-down the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

From Marina Bay Sands, I walked past the ArtScience Museum, which is shaped like a lotus flower (or as some say, the hand of Buddha). This musuem has really cool exhibits and right now they have an interesting one on data, called Big Bang Data.

ArtScience + Central Business District

The Helix Bridge is shaped like a strand of DNA, and being the science nerd I am, I love the architecture of the bridge. The bridge is a pedestrian bridge that goes over the bay, and I was able to take some really good pictures of the bay and the sunset.

Damn that’s gorgeous
Pretty much walking inside DNA

The bridge is a good vantage point to see the many landmarks of Singapore. Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum are of course visible, as the Singapore Flyer, which I visited this past Sunday. The Central Business District is a nice backdrop for the ArtScience Museum. This area has offices for pretty much all the major banks of the world, like Bank of America, Bank of China, Bank of India, DBS, and HSBC.

I’m going to miss this so much

From the bridge, I was also able to see the Float at Marina Bay, which is the world’s largest floating stage. I walked from the bridge all the way to the Float, where I took even more pictures.

View of Float from bridge
Made it!

I walked between the Esplanade and the Float, and then across a street to visit Suntec City Mall, the second largest mall in Singapore (after VivoCity). For a mall that was built in the 90’s, Suntec City looks really modern. It must have been updated along the way.

At the mall, I visited the Fountain of Wealth, which is claimed to be the largest fountain in the world.

Obligatory picture of the sign
Pls make me rich

Suntec City had the largest Uniqlo store in Singapore, so of course I had to visit that. And maybe buy a few shirts…

Anyways, this was my last Monday in Singapore. By this time next week, I’ll be at home. It’s a saddening thought, because over the past two months I’ve come to love Singapore. I will definitely be back someday.



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