Holla Holla Holland Village

It’s always nice to share a meal with old friends and new friends.

Tonight, I went with a couple of Hopkins BME friends to meet a former Hopkins BME. The former Hopkins BME grew up in Singapore, then went to the US for college and grad school before returning to Singapore for work. One of my friends found him on Facebook, and they started talking and decided to meet up for dinner one night.

My friend brought me and one other person with her to Holland Village for dinner with the former BME. We ate dinner at Crystal Jade, which is a chain of Chinese restaurants in Singapore. The xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings) here was really good, and we even got to try the salted egg xiao long bao! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the salted egg version 😦

After dinner, we went to an ice cream place nearby. I got coconut ice cream with rice, which was amaaazing! This place had very Asian/Singaporean flavors like durian, lychee martini, and matcha red bean.

Our ice cream

Of course, we had to take an obligatory group picture. Because if we didn’t, did we really go out together?

From left to right: Tam, QX, Zhou, and me

We walked around Holland Village for a bit and stopped by a custom notebook store. I bought one for my friend at home, whose birthday is coming up. I won’t post a picture of the full notebook however, so that it’s still a surprise for her!

Notebook preview

Holland Village is so close to Kent Ridge (the MRT station at NUS). I can’t believe that I haven’t visited this area yet! There are so many restaurants and cool stores here.

This entire time, we (meaning the Hopkins undergrad) talked to the former BME. I learned so much about the scholarships that the government offers for college kids here- the former BME told us that the government pays for four years of school, but then the student had to go back to Singapore and work for the government for six years. Many Singaporeans end up rushing to graduate college in three years, then spend the last year getting their master’s.

It was a lot of fun to hear QX’s stories, because he is living proof that there is life after going through the Hopkins BME program. We Hopkins BME students always complain about how much work and stress we have, but we need to sometimes remember to slow down and don’t stress out too much.


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