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The Last Dish on the List

Short post today, sorry! I have a report due tomorrow for my research program, and I’ve got to finish it tonight.

As of tonight, July 14, 2016, I have officially eaten everything on my food list. Yup, that’s right. What started off as a not-so-serious challenge ended up being a full blown quest. Whenever I see a food that’s on my list (that I haven’t eaten yet), I either buy it right there or make a note of where to find it so that I can come back and buy it later. I even added more food to the list whenever I came across new and interesting dishes. That alone brought my total number of dishes up to 50.

So, 50 dishes. As of right now, the list isn’t completely updated yet, but I will update it fully tomorrow.

Tonight I went back to Suntec City Mall (which I visited on Monday) to get some fish head curry from Muthu’s Curry. I chose this place because it kept showing up on lists of places with really good fish head curry. Their original location is somewhere in Little India, but I went to the Suntec City location because of the really good wifi, air conditioning, and proximity to CityLink Mall (which has a Garrett’s Popcorn- I’m getting a bag of that for my lab as a thank you).

But before I went inside Muthu’s Curry, I noticed that the water inside the Fountain of Wealth was turned off. So naturally, I walked out there to take a look.

View from inside the fountain

There’s a superstition that if you let your hand touch the water in the center of the fountain as you walk around that part three times, your wish might come true. I did this, along with a lot of other tourists.

That’s my hand on the bottom right

Muthu’s Curry was right inside Suntec City, like a 5 second walk from the exit of the fountain. I ordered a small fish head curry and white rice.


The curry was spicy, and the fish head was really tasty. It was just like regular fish curry, only much bonier. Fish tongue is really weird, like it literally melted in my mouth. But I liked the fish cheek a lot. I think this was worth trying!


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