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The Two-Week Hiatus

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, tonight’s post is also going to be short. Now that my time in Singapore is over, I’m going to change the topic of my blog. It’ll be more of a diary/journal type thing of the rest of my summer at home, and then it’ll shift to be about my sophomore year at Hopkins when I go back to Baltimore in a month. I’ll still post a few things about Singapore, because I have such a travel-hangover (is that even a thing?). I miss Singapore, and I definitely want to go back one day.

After I finished my internship, I went back to Bangkok for two days to see my grandparents again, then hopped back on a plane to fly back home to Atlanta. I brought back so many things from Singapore for my friends and family, so my bags were supah-heavy. As in, over the weight limit for Korean Air (though my grandma intimidated the Korean Air lady to not make us pay for overweight baggage).

I brought back the selfie stick, of course!

The day after I got back to Atlanta, my family took a vacation to Orlando, where we visited Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. I’ll dedicate the next few posts to that trip, because I have a ton of pictures from it. I’ve been trying to revive my Instagram account, so I posted a few of the pictures there too.

Magic Kingdom

I’ll be back soon with more posts!


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