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New Instagram!

Oh gosh it’s been months..I swear I’m back for real this time! Over the past semester and a half, I’ve been busy with school- sometime too busy to enjoy food.

Sophomore year of BME at Hopkins is super busy. Recently, I’ve decided to join a design team this upcoming 2017-2018 school year. To join one, I had to interview with different team leaders to see who I’d like to work with the most, then rank them based on my interests. It’s kind of like residency matching for medical school students, in which the leaders and well as the possible team members rank each other. We choose the leaders as much as they choose us, pretty much. I’m excited to see who I’ll work with next year!

Anyways, since I’ve decided to revive my blog (second time’s the charm!) I’ve made an Instagram account to post pictures of food from different restaurants in Baltimore (my college town) and Atlanta (my hometown!).

I’ll definitely be updating this regularly, as I have a backlog of Baltimore food to post for the rest of the semester. Since I’ll be in Atlanta for an internship this summer (more on this later!), there’ll be more Atlanta food posts coming soon.

Follow me here!


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