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R. House, Part 1

R. House is a (relatively) new place that opened in January 2017 in Remington, the neighborhood south of Hopkins. It’s another food place surrounding our campus, and I’m glad they opened. Inside the former industrial warehouse,  R. House boasts 10 counters offering different cuisines ranging from Venezuelan to Korean to Hawaiian.

Since they’ve opened, I’ve been to R. House maybe 5 or 6 times? I love the fact that they dedicated one of their counters as a pop-up, meaning local restaurants can take over the counter for a week or two. This keeps R. House from becoming boring, since there’s always something new to try. I like to come here with my friend Christine on either Tuesday or Thursday, since we have our lunch breaks at the same time.

In my first post about R. House, I’ll describe some of the delicious food that’s offered here. Here we go!

1. BeBim Korean BBQ

Even though BeBim’s name has Korean BBQ in it, it’s more of a build-your-own bibimbap place. It’s like a Korean Chipotle, in which you choose your rice, meat, veggies, and sauce on top. My go-to is multigrain (purple!) rice with beef bulgogi and gochujang sauce (red pepper paste).

BeBim’s “mother restaurant” is one of my favorites in Baltimore, Brown Rice Grill, which again is a bibimbap place. When I found out that Brown Rice was opening an offshoot here at R. House, I was pretty excited. Brown Rice is relatively close to Hopkins, but it’s a hassle to get there because I need to take a shuttle. R. House is much closer. If you get a chance to visit R. House, getting food from BeBim is always a safe choice.

2. White Envelope Arepa Bar

This arepa was actually from the first time I visited R. House! Before, I’d never heard of arepas before, but I learned after trying this. Arepas are stuffed Venezuelan and Colombian cornbread and can be eaten with accompaniments like cheese and avocado. This version is made into a sandwich, and I tried it with beef. At White Envelope, they make their arepas right there in the stall. I see them grilling the cornbread around noontime whenever I visit!

3. Pop-Up #1: Prescription Chicken

This was one of R. House’s first pop-up stalls! Prescription Chicken is a DC-based chicken soup place. Their chicken soups varieties include Grandma Style (classic chicken soup), Chickenless (vegetarian), and Hangover (slightly spicy). You can choose to put matzah balls, egg noodles, or both in your soup. I visited twice, my first timg getting the Grandma with matzah and the Hangover with egg noodles my second time. Both were really good!

And that’s a wrap for R. House post #1! I’ll update in a later post about the other stalls at R. House.

(Featured image credits to Pratt Library)


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