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A Bucket List For the Next Time

Oh geez, it’s already been a year since I was in Singapore for the summer. If you’ve been following this blog from the start, THANK YOUUUUU for reading! And if you’re new to Café and Kopi, welcome!

I started this blog at the end of May 2016 to document my food adventures in Singapore. The “little red dot” has such a variety of food that I didn’t want to forget what I ate and how it all tasted. It’s hard to find authentic Singaporean food in the States, so I wanted to savor it all while I could.

At Johns Hopkins University, where I study biomedical engineering, I pretty much live off of coffee to stay awake and do work, so I decided to name this blog in honor of my favorite drink. Café means coffee in Spanish, which I’ve been studying for 8 years now. Kopi means coffee in Malay, and it’s what Singaporeans also call their coffee. Every morning in Singapore wasn’t complete without my daily kopi peng siew dai, which is iced coffee with condensed milk and less sugar.

I (unfortunately) never got to take a picture of my favorite drink (gasp!!) but I took pics of a typical Singaporean breakfast- kaya toast with eggs and kopi.

Ain’t that delish

Not only did I document my food adventures, I also had a bucket list in which I listed places and events I wanted to visit while I was in Singapore. Thankfully, I completed it! I’m glad I had that bucket list, since it encouraged me to go to places other than the usual Marina Bay Sands and Orchard Road (typical touristy places). I got to explore cool neighborhoods like Tiong Bahru and islands off the coast of SG like Pulau Ubin. To celebrate my one year anniversary of this blog and my time in Singapore, I’ve compiled a bucket list for the next time I’m there. Hopefully it’ll be within the next few years!

1. Visit Johor Strait

If you look at a map of Singapore, you’ll see a thin strip of water between Singapore and Malaysia. That’s the Johor Strait! On the west side of the island, there’s a sweet-looking lighthouse at the Raffles Marina Club, which is basically where the ~rich people~ of Singapore go for their yacht-ing and country club-ing needs. I didn’t really get to explore the western part of Singapore that much, but I hope to see this lighthouse next time I’m in the country! The sunset views are supposed to be absolutely gorgeous.

Gorsh, that’s nice. Photo creds:

2. Go to the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo system is made up of 4 parks, and I visited all of them EXCEPT for the original Singapore Zoo. The Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, and River Safari were all fantastic, but you’ve gotta experience the og, ya know?

Why, hello there!

3. Rent a bike and ride along the beaches of East Coast Park

I can’t believe I never did this. I went biking in Pulau Ubin, which is an island off the coast of northeast SG, but I never went to East Coast Park, which is near Changi. East Coast Park also has spectacular views and great food (the best combination!!)

Biking in Pulau Ubin. Next time, East Coast Park!!

4. Go to a night club in Clarke Quay

Ok, I know this was on my bucket list and I have already (technically) checked it off. That’s because I was in the area at night…but I didn’t actually ENTER a nightclub.

Clarke Quay at night

5. Try some of the famous hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat

I’ve heard the popiah at one of the stalls here is TO DIE FOR, and I want to try it! Popiah is basically a spring roll, but better (because it’s Singaporean/Malaysian!).

Popiah goodness


6. FINALLY get a chance to eat chicken rice at Tian Tian

I visited Maxwell Centre TWICE trying get the famous chicken rice from Tian Tian, but it was closed both times I tried. Third time WILL be the charm!

Chicken rice at Maxwell, unfortunately NOT from Tian Tian


7. Visit at least 3 other malls along Orchard Road

Whenever I visited Orchard Road, I mostly stuck to ION Orchard (because it was right at the MRT station) or Takashimaya (because they had a massive Kinokuniya!). This didn’t give me much time to explore any of the other 20+ malls along this famous shopping street.

This was taken from the observatory at the top of ION Orchard

8. Take a bus from SG to Johor Bahru

Just for the heck of it. The nearest Malaysian metropolis is a short bus ride away, and I’ve never been to Malaysia, so why not?

This has nothing to do with the thought of going to JB from SG, but this would be my reaction at the thought of that adventure!

The “little red dot” that is Singapore will always hold a special place in my heart. I WILL be back one day!




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