Drinks I’ve Tried

As part of my Singapore bucket list, I’m attempting to keep track of the interesting drinks I’ve tried here. Of course, this will be updated as time goes on. (Finished as of 8/2016)

Coffee/Tea/Milk (Hawker drinks)

  1. Kopi (peng)
  2. Teh
  3. Teh tarik
  4. Teh chino (in a bag!)
  5. Soya milk
    • Soya milk with boba
    • Soya milk with grass jelly
  6. Milo Dinosaur
  7. Iced lemon tea
  8. Sugar cane juice
    • Sugar cane with lime (omg my fave)
  9. Lime juice
  10. Badung (rose drink)
  11. Plum juice

Juices (fruit blended with ice)

  1. Kiwi dragonfruit
  2. Strawberry soursop
  3. Orange Yakult
  4. Strawberry kiwi
  5. Kiwi soursop
  6. Avocado milkshake

Sodas/Canned Drinks

  1. Sparkling apple juice soda
  2. 100 Plus
  3. Orange juice drink
  4. Aloe juice

Other Singaporean Drinks

  1. Singapore Sling (non-alcoholic)