Food in Singapore

Food is basically my life. When I was very young, my parents owned a Thai restaurant, and when I was in third grade, my parents opened up a French patisserie. My afternoons, weekends, and summers growing up were spent at the patisserie, helping my dad send desserts and food to catered events, rolling silverware, and making espresso drinks. And when I visited my family in Thailand, I would always visit the family snack factory and office building. Food is everywhere in my life, and I have grown to have a deep appreciation for good food.

For my two months here in Singapore, I’m pretty much going to eat my way though the list here. If you didn’t click on the link, it’s basically a list of 30 famous local Singaporean foods that I need to try “before I die.” As I eat each of these foods, I’ll take a pic and add it to this page.

Everything after #30 on this last isn’t part of the offical list in the link above, but I thought I’d add it here anyways because these dishes are all delicious.

1. Bak Kut Teh


Date eaten: 6/15/16

The soup was a little too peppery to my taste, but the ribs were very good! Like, they were so tender they fell off the bone. Had this at Techno Edge (NUS Engineering canteen)

2. Wanton Mee


Date eaten: 7/2/16

At Clementi Food Market! This bowl was a nice $3, and the queue for this stall was super long- so it was definitely delicious! The wanton mee came with a bowl of wanton soup too. Yummy.

3. Fried Carrot Cake


Date eaten: 6/11/16

I got the black carrot cake, which is white radish mixed with rice flour and molasses, which gives it its darker color. Unhealthy, yet delicious. Had this at Chinatown Food Street. I should also try the white carrot cake hmmm….

4. Dim Sum

Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung

Date eaten:5/24/16

Gotta have that xlb at dtf, you know? I had this at Marina Bay Sands on my first official day at the lab. I had actually been to Din Tai Fung last time I came to Singapore with the fam back in 2013, but the xiao long bao here never fails to impress.

Date eaten: 6/15/16 and 6/16/16

Tim Ho Wan and Din Tai Fung = food heaven.

5. Kaya Toast and Soft Boiled Eggs


Date eaten: 6/18/16 (and many other times)

I finally got a picture of the traditional Singaporean breakfast! Half boiled eggs with soy sauce and pepper, kaya toast, and kopi. The best start to my day.

6. Crabs (Chili or Pepper)


Date eaten: 6/19/16

HOT DAMN THIS WAS DELICIOUS. I can see why everyone recommends it! Had this at Jumbo Seafood at Clarke Quay.

7. Laksa

Laksa on the left

Date eaten: 6/15/16

THIS COUNTS, OK? Hailey and I had wonton laksa at Tim Ho Wan. Yummmmmm.

8. Curry Fish Head


Date eaten: 7/14/16

Got this at Muthu’s Curry in Suntec City Mall! The fish head was really tasty, especially the cheek and the eyes.

9. Bak Chor Mee (Minced Meat Noodle)

Technically this is mushroom minced meat noodle but who cares

Date eaten: 6/17/16

Had this at the Deck canteen. It was pretty tasty and spicy! Only $2 to boot.

10. Oyster Omelette (Orh Lua)

Date eaten: 7/15/16

Okay, so maybe this was actually fried oyster and not oyster omelette. I’ll let this slide though, since I did eat oyster omelette on my very first day in Singapore! I didn’t have this blog back then so I didn’t take a picture of it.

11. Hokkein Prawn Mee

From a hawker centre outside Clementi Mall

Date eaten: 6/2/16

DELICIOUS, WOULD EAT AGAIN. This was a nice $5 (~$4.22 USD), and it even came with lime and was served on an opei leaf. Made of two kinds of noodles stir-fried with meat and veggies, Hokkein style. Had this at a Clementi hawker centre.

12. Satay


Date eaten: 6/11/16

I’ve had Thai satay before, and the Indonesian/Malay version of it is very similar. The chicken was tasty with the onions and cucumbers, but I thought this sauce was a little oily. I would eat this again however, if given the chance. Had this at Chinatown Food Street.

13. BBQ Sambal Stingray


Date eaten: 7/4/16

Had this at Pasir Panjang Food Centre. This is actually one of the spiciest things I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! The sauce on the stingray was spicy, and the other sauces provided on the side were super super spicy. But the stingray was deliciously smooth and fishy. I loved it. Plus, the nice hawker uncle gave me free napkins and rice!

14. Tau Huay


Date eaten: 6/30/16

Got this for $1 at Maxwell! Tau huay is basically tofu with a sugar syrup. It’s sort of like a tofu pudding, and was a delicious hot dessert.

15. Ice Kacang


Date eaten: 6/11/16

Only $2 at Clementi Food Court!! It was literally a mountain of ice covered with syrup, burying pieces of grass jelly, red bean, palm seed, and agar agar. My favorite part of the dessert was the corn on top!

16. Chwee Kuay (Water Rice Cake)


Date eaten: 7/10/16

Had this at Bugis Junction. I’ve been looking for these for a while now, and this was the only place I found that sold these. They’re water rice cakes topped with preserved radish and chili.

17. Durian


Date eaten: 6/16/16

Ok so technically I had durian cake, but who cares? I had fresh durian in Thailand before, so I’m going to count the durian cake as a “yes, I’ve had it.” The cake was for Nicholas’s birthday- happy 26th birthday!

Also, the picture is of a durian (plus mangosteen) stand in Chinatown, since I didn’t take a picture of the durian cake.

18. Biryani


Date eaten: 7/1/16

Had this at Frontier Canteen in the School of Science at NUS! The biryani here was ok, not anything special. I’ve had better biryani at Tamber’s near Hopkins.

19. Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice)


Date eaten: 6/9/16

FINALLY got a picture of nasi lemak. I had this for breakfast at Flavours before going to lab. It’s a typical Malay breakfast dish that consists of coconut rice, anchovies and peanuts, spicy chili sambal, cucumber, and some kind of meat. My favorite part was the coconut rice!

20. Mee Siam


Date eaten: 6/30/16

Got this at Flavours for breakfast. I originally didn’t know what it was, but I ordered it after seeing some people in line in front of me getting it. Mee Siam at Flavours made up of thin rice noodles (vermicelli) with egg and tofu covered in a sweet thick gravy. The red-yellow gravy wasn’t spicy, but the sambal that the auntie added gave the dish its kick.

21. Mee Rebus


Date eaten: 7/11/16

Had this at a random restaurant I found on my way to Suntec City. I stumbled upon Qi Ji, and just had to get the mee rebus. To my surprise, it’s actually pronounced reh-boos, not re-bus (like getting on the bus again).

22. Mee Goreng


Date eaten: 6/23/16

Wow, I’m surprised that this dish was NOT on the original list in the link I posted. It’s such an iconic Indonesian dish that I had to add it to the section with the other mees. I had this for breakfast at Flavours.

23. Roti Prata


Date eaten: 5/26/16

Not sure if this counts, but chocolate prata? Had this with Shar after lab.


Date eaten: 7/5/16

Cheese prata for breakfast. It was tasty, but wasn’t filling at all. I was ravenous by lunchtime.

24. Fish Head Bee Hoon

Un-photogenic but tasty fish soup

Date eaten: 6/29/16

So I technically had fried fish bee hoon, but I’m going to let this count. The hawker stall I ate this at in Clementi was sold out of everything else except for fried fish bee hoon. It was delicious though!

25. Rojak


Date eaten: 6/18/16

At VivoCity Mall (right before going to Sentosa!). I had actually forgotten that this was on my list of food-to-eat, and I tried this when Hailey got some to share. It’s a fruit and veggie (with youtiao) mixture, covered with a sweeet and tangy sauce and some kind of powder thing. This Indonesian snack is a must-try.


Date eaten: 7/4/16

I had this at Pasir Panjang Food Centre! Only $3, and much more tasty and savory than the other rojak at VivoCity.

26. Chicken Rice


Date eaten: 6/4/16

A Singaporean classic. Tasty chicken boiled in chicken or pork stock served on a scoop of oily rice with hot sauce and cucumbers. Had this at a hawker centre in Tiong Bahru. It was pretty good, and only $2!


Date eaten: 6/18/16

The line for the stall with this chicken rice at Chinatown Complex was very long, and I was expecting phenomenal chicken rice after waiting for 20 minutes for this plate. The chicken rice reached my expectations, but unfortunately did not exceed them. The chicken was very flavorful, and the sauces went very well with the oily rice.

27. Duck Rice


Duck rice is duck rice. If you haven’t eaten it yet, try it! Had this at VivoCity Food Court (after my 5-mile hike up the Southern Ridges).

Date eaten: 6/11/16

28. Char Kway Teow


Date eaten: 6/18/16

Finally got a pic of this dish at Malay Food Street in Sentosa. This was pretty tasty! It’s stir fried noodles with shrimp, egg, Chinese sausage, and bean sprouts.

29. Curry Puff

Curry puff from Koufu

Date eaten: 6/1/16

Happy first day of June! I forgot to take a pic of my kaya toast breakfast set, but I got a picture of the curry puff from Koufu, which was only $0.70 SGD (~$0.51 USD!!).

30. Fish Head Steamboat


IMG_3526Date eaten: 7/1/16

Steamboat = hot pot.

31. Popiah


Date eaten: 6/18/16

I didn’t know that Singaporean popiah was vegetarian (or at least the one I got was vegetarian), and I was little disappointed with this, since I got this expecting some kind of meat. It was a little pricey at $2.50 for the roll (I later saw a stall at the Chinatown Complex offering this same thing for $1.60). Other than being vegetarian, it was pretty dang good. The peanuts and chili sauce complemented each other and the hot veggies inside gave the roll a nice heat. Had this at the food court next to Sentosa Express in VivoCity Mall.

6/28/16 note: Popiah actually has meat! Or, at least some kinds do. I think the VivoCity popiah was just an anomoly. I later had some popiah in Tiong Bahru, which had dried shrimp in it.

32. Ban Mien


Date eaten: 6/3/16

Had this at Jurong East Westgate Mall food court! The soup was fishy, savory, and very tasty. The egg noodles were also very fresh and chewy. Would eat again 🙂

33. Hainanese Curry Rice

Only $4.30!

Date eaten: 6/6/16

Not what I expected, but still tasty. The curry isn’t as strong as other curries I’m used to, but the sweet mild taste complemented the fried chicken and egg very well. I had this at Bugis Junction.

34. Masala Dosa


Date eaten: 6/6/16

As #49 on the official World’s 50 Best Foods list, I HAD to get some here. This is technically masala egg cheese dosa, but who cares? It’s all delicious. Crispy and savory, this is one breakfast item I would eat at least every few days. Had this at Flavours Food Court.


Date eaten: 6/18/16

FINALLY MADE IT TO SARAVANA BHAVA. Or HSB, as Vinny and Yogi call it. Their masala dosa was huuuuuuuge, much bigger than the one at Flavours. It was extremely delicious though! I had actually meant for the masala dosa to be a snack right before Hailey and I went to Sentosa, but it ended up being my lunch.

35. Ayam Sambal Hijau Padang


Date eaten: 6/9/16

Someone in my lab recommended that I try this, because he said that it was the spiciest thing he’s ever tried. Ayam sambal hijau padang is an Indonesian dish made with fried chicken topped with a spicy green chili sauce. It was delicious, and I admit that it was spicy. However, I don’t think it was spicy enough to warrant the title “Spiciest Dish Ever” as my friend had called it. Had this at the National University Hospital Food Court with Shar after lab.

36. Ice Cream Sandwich


Date eaten: 6/12/16

A Singaporean classic. I had sweet corn ice cream wrapped in a slice of bread. Simple and delicious! Had this somewhere in Chinatown on Pagoda Street.

37. Snow Ice

Date eaten: 6/18/16

At Mei Heong Yuan Dessert in Chinatown. Hailey suggested that we go here to try their snow ice, because it’s a favorite with the locals. We shared a mango snow ice and a choco banana snow ice. Both were very cold and refreshing- and they weren’t extremely sweet either! Each is basically flavored shaved ice with the consistency of snow, topped with fruits, tapioca, and popping bubbles. I’ll hopefully take Vinny here when he comes to visit in July.

38. Oyster Cake

Date eaten: 6/27/16

As I said in a different post, this oyster cake was actual heaven. Crispy, savory, and chewy, there’s nothing else like this. Even Anthony Bourdain approves of this oyster cake at Maxwell Food Centre!

39. Mango and Pomelo Sago

Awwww yes

Date eaten: 6/26/16

Mango and pomelo sago is a contemporary Cantonese dessert. It’s basically a cold mango soup with bits of pomelo in it. At Mei Heong Dessert in Chinatown, it’s topped with tapioca, pomelo bits, and mango pieces. This is a refreshing dessert to have when the Singaporean humidity becomes overwhelming (which is like all the time tbh).

40. Ondeh Ondeh


Date eaten: 7/2/16

I know it doesn’t look that great in the picture (since I had accidentally crushed it in my bag), but trust me, it’s a dangerously delicious dessert! Ondeh ondeh is a traditional Javanese dessert made up of a boiled rice cake stuffed with liquid gula jawa, and rolled in grated coconut. I think the gula jawa got all over my ondeh ondeh, because it’s not supposed to be as brown as it is in this picture. I got this at some food festival I found in Kampong Glam.

41. Butter Chicken with Naan


Date eaten: 7/2/16

Had this in Little India. I didn’t think this butter chicken was that great, but it was worth a try. It seemed very tomato-saucy more than buttery.

42. Frog Porridge


Date eaten: 7/3/16

YUMMMYYYYY. Only $8 for a huggggeeee clay pot of frog porridge. Not only were there frog legs, but there were also frog ribs and other parts.

43. Yong Tau Foo


Date eaten: 7/4/16

I know this isn’t actually a dish, but more like a food style if that makes sense. Yong tau foo is a common stall at many hawker centres. Customers pick up a bowl and tongs and choose their ingredients like fish balls, veggies, tofu, etc. Then they give the bowl to the hawker auntie/uncle and choose if they want noodles and what kind of soup (broth/laksa gravy/dry). I had this at Techno Edge (NUS Engineering canteen).

44. Nonya Kueh


Date eaten: 7/7/16

I wanted to try this for a long time, since it reminds me of Thai desserts, but I have not been able to find kueh at many places. Tonight I happened to walk and see a Bengawan Solo, a franchise bakery/cake shop in Singapore that sells kueh. Naturally, I couldn’t buy juuuust one. So I bought 2! Nonya kueh is traditional dessert named for Nonya women, who usually make these types of kuehs, or cakes.

45. Kueh Tutu


46. Chicken Wings


Date eaten: 7/8/16

At Bugis Junction food court, with Vineet!

47. Nasi Padang


48. Chee Cheong Fun


49. Otah Otah


50. Mee Soto


Check back soon for more updates!